Tumble Tots UK: Leaps and Bounds

Physical growth, agility and communication are top of the agenda at our weekly pre-school physical development programme, Leaps and Bounds by Tumble Tots UK.

Classes are held during term time at Bowburn Clever Clogs, Leaps and Bounds classes are one of the UK’s most popular pre-school physical development programmes. 

Created by the company behind the popular Tumble Tots classes, the Leaps and Bounds sessions have been specifically developed for children from walking-to-school age to enhance movement, develop speech, improve listening skills, work on coordination and boost confidence. 

The classes are open to all children of toddler and pre-school age as well as children who attend Belmont’s Clever Clogs Nursery.

To  register for Leaps and Bounds classes at Bowburn's Clever Clogs Nursery please call the nursery on 0191 377 9192.

 For further information on Leaps and Bounds (Durham) please see http://www.leaps-and-bounds.co.uk/venue/location/Durham/  or call Leaps and Bounds leader Susan Donkin on: 07748115950.